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Artist: TOD  |  April 28, 2008  | 



  1. Anthony Pavelich

    Very awesome!

  2. Spanklett the Tease Beast

    Wow. I love watching that process. That and you draw boobs really really well…

  3. Aquarius

    life well spent

  4. Andrew McCaffrey

    The breakdown of a masterpiece. Fantastic work, Tod. Your work reminds me of a lot of 80s and 90s Artists from Heavy Metal magazine, like Simon Bisley and Alfonso Azpiri. I even see their influence in your clothing, too.
    Fantastic work, I love it.

  5. Morgoth Bauglir

    Awesome talent you have there. Would love to see more.

    I’m going to employ that talent in the near future. I’ll keep in touch and keep up the great work.


  6. Riley

    oh man,WOW!!!!

  7. sharibaby

    I could watch this over and over again. I love the evilness of the sketch.

  8. Anton

    awesome work dude it good to see a new design of clothing that isnt ed hardy shit keep it metal !m! (‘ ‘) !m!

  9. Geengles

    very nice work!

  10. Caerphilly

    This is awesome! you should do another one….

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