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Artist: Tara McPherson  |  February 14, 2010  | 

The lovely Tara McPherson in her first installment for ST.

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  1. SERPO

    Nice, I have always loved Tara’s work

  2. Toddtherobot

    Tara is an amazing artist!

  3. yah_d

    totally incredible, i love your work!!!!

  4. Laura Tomkiewicz

    I remember when I first witnessed your art in a Juxtapoz Magazine a number of years back…. I remember thinking the woman illustrated were strong and beautiful…… Excellent work Tara…I loved the toy ranges you have designed as well but I dont know where I may find them here in Australia… I may just have to order online… i look forward to seeing many more creations…. Keep up the great work Tara! xx

  5. felipe schmidt

    Tara rocks!

  6. Kevin Anderson

    Great work. You’re an inspiration

  7. milind gaikwad

    I like your art

  8. michael

    Awesome! 🙂

    Watching Tara work is sweetness.

  9. Kris Hernandez

    just the type of inspiration i needed, it’s fun and just awww fuck it i enjoy it alot.

  10. Yisell

    I love your art. I enjoy your pure eye. It will be great to see what’s next.
    thank you for you’re passion.

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