Shawn Barber 01

Artist: Shawn Barber  |  December 29, 2009  | 

thebronxThe Bronx


  1. kasey


  2. killyk99_9

    WOOOW men

    impresionante sketch …. ma gusta mucho tu trabajo
    espero mas adelante poder llegar a un nivel tan alto

  3. Mark

    Sean Barber is a legand…

  4. oONaraOo

    Shawn You ROCK!!

  5. Lance

    Shawn, amazing technique .. I guess reductive does come in handy 🙂

  6. S.Starski

    I understand, more than you can possibly know

  7. Neil

    I so wish these videos told you what medium the artist used

    Great sketch

  8. khriss

    yeah baby!!

  9. Nach

    i love u…Shawn..(^_^)!!

  10. Troll

    sweet.. dig the tunes…if you don’t know what your getting.. your getting a skull!

  11. Justin Abrego

    Excellent work.
    Im really liking you style man, its fucking amazing.
    Its like Organized Chaos I love it.!

  12. Jessica Alexandria

    this was pretty rad. seeing your techniques definately helped me with my charcoal drawings.

  13. tanya


  14. c4rl0s

    you are a great artis SHAWN

  15. ariok

    yeah compa.. saludos de mazatlan mexico, que buen estilo

  16. sktchmstrs

    addicted! I truly admire your work.
    no matter how long i look, there is
    always something new to discover
    in each piece. just breath taking.

  17. Diego

    WOW!!! IMPRESIVEE!! Must be a pleasure drawing like this!!! PERFECT!!!

  18. Enrique

    Man, you have been a huge inspiration for me like you wouldn’t believe. It is a huge honor to be alive in your lifetime… I feel like I’m apart of artistic history. Absolutely great work always!

  19. Kido-san

    Shawn Barber,youre really an amazing artist.I love your artworks and I gt inspired by your paintings.Love your concept alot. I’m also into tattoo paintings too. Hope my paintings will reach to your level one day.

  20. Melisa

    fucken aye.

  21. A@


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