S. Fisher Williams 01

Artist: S. Fisher Williams  |  July 6, 2010  | 

S Fisher Williams in his ST debut – with a little tuneful help from The For Carnation’s … prepare to be blown away, this is awesome!

cover The For Carnation


  1. Corrine

    Wow, this is great! The process is just as inspiring to look at as is his art! What a man! 🙂

  2. NeoN

    Awesome style, love the cross hatch effect.

  3. Mike G!

    All his stuff is good. Plus he’s an awesome cat.

  4. ted

    Very nice. Long time since I’ve watched you working…and somehow it always seemed to take a lot longer.

  5. Cheryl


  6. SERPO

    Yeah! That’s fucking cool!

  7. Jerry

    Awesome! Must be in the genes.

  8. marianne

    very different, strange, but hauntingly attractive.

  9. jT

    I LOVE bunnies!! this is a very charming sketch, and i love the drawing style

  10. sp

    reminds me of donnie darko

  11. Michael Pat

    it’s art in a rush. great!

  12. GrayChupacabra

    Great work. I was wondering. Can i copy this piece of work for a project for my sculpture class? need to find a piece of work by an established artist, and try to reproduce it. i wont distribute it or anything. if you can send me an answer to spittlerg@hotmail.com i would greatly appreciate it. cheers.

  13. Lily Feliciano

    Hi Gary, I would try emailing Fisher via his website http://www.aqualabstudios.com/, I’m sure he will get back to you on your inquiry. thx! L.

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