Vanessa and Ron Lemen 01

Artist: Ron Lemen, Vanessa Lemen  |  October 6, 2010  | 

I do love dynamic duos and this is a spectacular debut, Vanessa and Ron Lemen are an artistic force beyond compare enjoy this video shot on location at San Diego Comic-Con with music from Atlanta’s The Back Pockets!

the-back-pockets-blissters-n-basements-150x150 The Back Pockets


  1. Vanessa

    thank you, Sketch Theatre! ..woot!

  2. billy stewart

    ….harmony @ play…they’re obviously having too much fun to call it work, even as they produce a spirited, superb symphonic sketch which is by now second nature to them…..if i hadn’t seen them with my own eyes walking around town separately, i would have assumed they were joined at the hip, or wrist….when all four hands start flying at once, it’s like they’re throwing together a nonchalant sandwich …..beautiful, unique, tasty, and fresh, and exuberant….

  3. alexnegrea

    please Sketch Theatre do more like this one 😀

  4. Jack

    excellent! I love the energy of a working duo, but I’ve never seen a pair work simultaneously on a piece. How cool would that be to find a partner like that?

  5. Riley

    wow!!!! WOW!!!! what an insanely incredible process to watch…beautiful finished work…MORE???

  6. Cha

    this is awesome, I really like to learn this kind of art. 🙂
    rock and roll \m/

  7. Sara F.E.

    This video is amazing! What a team!

  8. Sean Stewart

    Sweeet collab!

  9. Rosebug

    How convenient that one is left handed and the other right handed!
    Pretty wild video. Love it.

  10. case

    enjoyment to watch

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