Rick O’Brien 03

Artist: Rick O'Brien  |  June 2, 2010  | 

Magic for Magic.. Rick O’Brien in his third video. Rick is I believe a magician of sorts with that brush, inspiration which could only be matched with the Ramones at what could be their most magical, “Danny Says”

Ramones-End_Of_The_Century-Frontal The Ramones


  1. Della

    that is magic!

  2. Sean Stewart

    great stuff yet again man!

  3. Rick

    Thanks Guys. And thanks Lily for teaming me up with The Ramones!

  4. p-jay

    I’d call this “The Fallen King” if i may. 🙂 It’d be just perfect even without using the brush. But the combination of it with the pen shines. Yeah, this is magic.

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