Peter Han 03

Artist: Peter Han  |  January 3, 2011  | 

A killer third installment from the great Peter Han, and the mighty Fantômas!

B00000IKTC.01.MZZZZZZZ Fantômas


  1. Mistah JulezArt

    nice work ! i love the highlights!!

  2. IDuDe

    Great drawing, those highlights are awesome!
    But crappy song…

  3. Jesse Starr

    Awesome, awesome drawing. Beautiful work. But yeah, I agree that the music makes me want to kill myself. But again, sick skills.

  4. pete

    thanks jesse, ive seen some of your work before. crazy cool ball point pieces man.

  5. Jonnô

    Love the sketch!!! How long did it take at regular speed…??
    PS. Loooooved the song 😉 Not for everyone of course, but Fantômas and Patton are musical (genius) MADNESS!! You need to se them live…. insane

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