Nikko Hurtado 01

Artist: Nikko Hurtado  |  January 13, 2008  | 

circusdevilsThe Circus Devils


  1. bennie

    the girl he drew looks sick, I like

  2. mewl

    great drawing – it would be nice to see thin(ner) lips on a woman once in a while!

  3. dawn

    Nikko is the shit!!! If i had $$$ I’d fly my ass directly to his LA and get a tattoo from him. The portrait of Pixie he did on KVD on LA Ink was so good. I love the monsters more though!!

  4. Shex

    Fuckin sick! How much time do you need to make a sketch like this?

  5. renato gherardi

    surreal do caralho

  6. De Vor

    whats the white pencil?charcoal?

  7. snick

    i enjoy your technique

  8. snick

    very classical

  9. Jessica Alexandria

    oh wow, the eyes on this piece are beautiful.

  10. Dave Hill

    Nikko! What’s been the happs? You’ve done more! Sick!!

  11. lee

    the level this guy tattoos at is way beyond these sketches, it almost doesn’t do it justice

  12. Gera

    Dude U are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

  13. Enrique

    Definitely great work!

  14. darryl

    Wow. The most overrated sketch on this whole site

  15. Rob

    I love the way he uses yellow paper, then uses the white pencil for the highlight’s. Really give’s it a good look.

  16. Gabriel TT

    Crazy shadows , from the first moments and over
    with some
    combination of perspective, with the black finished and the bright of the black and white epic

    makes a crazy imagination in our mind

    some pictures in our mind, in a greatful work created by possibilities and many things, beautiful and incredible beings and things , how when my thought create beautiful realities, awesome urantia of infinite possibilities.

  17. Lopez Tattoo

    Very light and pimped to the fullest. light hand that is

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