Shawn Barber is Back!

Shawn Barber recently stopped in to throw down a new sketch for everyone, this one was quick and totally spontaneous … and maybe just a tad alcohol induced 😉 …. a fun watch!

For all the Barber fans out there, the big news is that his beautiful new book Forever & Ever has just been released! I got the chance to see it and it’s a real beauty, I’ll definitely be picking up a copy … you must see it!


It’s a 256 page, hardcover book- an overview of paintings and experiences from over the last 3 years of Shawn’s Tattooed Portraits Series.

You can view a few page spreads from the book on Shawn’s Blog

Online orders are best directed to
If you order online through amazon, borders, barnes and noble etc.- you are going to have to wait until july to receive your pre-ordered book. They will not have them in their stock until after July.
You can either wait or get them now through the publisher- 9mm books.

They only stores right now that do have it are La Luz de Jesus/ Soap Plant/Wacko in Los Angeles; and Canvas Los Angeles (in los angeles). Wendy Belzel (Belzel Books) also has the book, as she travels to most every tattoo convention out there…. As far as stores carrying the book in your city- If they don’t have it, please recommend to them to carry it!!!

Until you can get your hands on that book, check out Shawn’s new video and please comment, the more the better!