New Sketch from Nikko Hurtado

I couldn’t think of a better day to debut the latest video from famed Tattooist Nikko Hurtado. When Nikko was flipping through a nearby magazine for this shoot he stopped at an ad picturing some gorgeous girls, as I was setting up the camera I asked him which one he wanted to draw, when he replied “the little dog, he inspired me” … haha. There was this tiny little chihuahua in the shot … yea, he’s a good guy! Check out Nikko 03 !!

Nikko 03

Incidentally, today (February 26th) is a day to celebrate and protect our animal companions throughout the US. It’s Spay Day USA which helps to save millions of lives every year by keeping the pet population down and out of consistently over-crowded shelters, so if you love Nikko’s chihuahua maybe he’ll inspire you to not only pick up a pencil but to check out all the info the Humane Society of the United States has for you about protecting animals every day!