New Chet Zar!

I missed Chet Zar and I bet you did too!

He is one of the coolest and most down to earth guys ever, and consistently brings along a good dose of creepy imagery. Just a few weeks back we did a little session and this is his latest contribution to ST, Chet Zar 05 …  if you really like it, the original is amazingly still available in the Gnomon Gallery store (why?!?!?) maybe no one knew it was recently added … well secret is out, you can own this awesome sketch, go here!

Chet Zar 05
Music is provided by LA’s Black Math Horseman (singer/bassist Sera Timms actually concept designed the look of the Sketch Theatre website) that means not only is she in an awesome band that just released their first record, she also directs music videos, is a killer designer and ST’s surrogate momma, soooo how cool is Sera? VERY.