Molly Crabapple 03 debut, and release of her collaborative work with Neil Gaiman on a limited edition giclee print!

I just debuted a gorgeous third installment from the unstoppable force Miss Molly Crabapple! I hope you dig this video with a cool track from the new Ravonettes album….

Molly Crabapple 2010

and to sweeten the pot and make this a really great day for Molly fans, she also just released this!

Neil Gaiman Poem Print
“Last year, my favorite author, Neil Gaiman blew my mind by hiring me to illustrate one of his poems via twitter”

Now, you can buy the result, signed, via my Etsy.

A matte, archival, 10″ x 21″ limited edition art print based on Neil Gaiman’s poem “A Desert Wind.” These posters are produced by Neil Gaiman’s merchandising company, Neverwear, and come signed by me. Probably my favorite illustration ever. Designed by Nicola Black