The Mountain Goats & Aesop Rock!


“Lovecraft in Brooklyn” (Aesop Rock remix)
here on Sketch Theatre!

To say I’m stoked about this is a HUGE understatement.
Anyone who knows me knows how much I dig The Mountain Goats and it just happens to be that master artist/producer Aesop Rock has done a remix of the track “Lovecraft in Brooklyn” off of The Mountain Goats latest record “Heretic Pride”.

Mountain Goats’ singer/songwriter John Darnielle, possesses such a big generous heart that he’s allowed me to bring the track to little old Sketch Theatre!

Yea … I think you better check it out …
Free Download of “Lovecraft in Brooklyn” Aesop Rock Remix


click here to watch the video

Thanks to Nate Frizzell
for producing such a killer sketch for this song!

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