June Nightmares, Sketch to Win!

The economy … the circus … the election year …. bizarre weather conditions brought forth by evident environmental damnation … love…the unrequited kind…reality TV…. the collective numbing of human consciousness. I know even the most sound of you have a sleepless night or two and with them …NIGHTMARES!!! … the ability to scare the hell out of yourself is a fun party trick. And you’re the party.

So bring it on … bring me your nightmares. What creeps into your subconscious and scares the hell out of you?

June Prizes:

– 3-Day pass to Comic-Con 2008 July 25-27th!! **
(sure to bring you sweet sweet dreams!)
– Sketch Theatre T-Shirt


  • The Sketch Theatre “Sketch-to-Win Contest” is a monthly event, we’ll select and publish the winner the first week of the new month.
  • The Submitted image should use the following naming convention; firstname_lastname_imagetitle.jpg
  • It is absolutely imperative that the drawing submitted is an original piece of artwork created by you.
  • Your sketch must be no larger than 1MB – Scanned Sketches only – no digital or enhanced images.
  • Only 1 submission per month, per person
  • Selected winners name & winning image will be posted on the news page of the Sketch Theatre website.
    **Comic-Con 2008 prize is admission only – travel to San Diego not included**

Get your entry in by June30!
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