Jim Wirt visits Sketch Theatre!

Jim Wirt stopped by recently to throw down some fun little sketches … Jim’s book “Coloring Book Land” is available at his website and it’s made several rounds here at the work place … it’s a fine assortment of funny, dirty & crass good stuff!

jim_wirt_021.jpg jim_wirt_03.jpg jim_wirt_01.jpg

Jim is a multi-tasking artist ready to take on the next new project with whirlwind speed. Recently he’s published a book, directed music videos, upheld the best tongue-in-cheek advice column on MySpace and created and released a promotional T-Shirt for the Warhol Dead at 21 group art show in Los Angeles, CA. where Jim’s design attracted a little controversy which you can read about in the interview he did for .. I recommend the read!


Darting Oxcart Music Video directed by Jim Wirt