For those about to rock, the winners!

HOLY DIVER!!! The “March Old School Metal Album Cover Madness Contest” was the toughest competition I’ve seen before me … so many entries and nearly every one of them a METAL MASTERPIECE!!!! Every single one of these sketches had so much blood, sweat & brimstone soaked into the paper that it nearly brought a tear to my eye with each daily submission of evil …. oh the agony, oh the rock!!!

I want to thank each and every one of you who paid servitude to the dark forces and purified yourselves in lakes of fire to bring such kick ass art! Selling your soul has paid off! You can proudly approach a band in garage near you, blood soaked sketchbook in hand with a knowing look of triumph upon your face …not only are you worthy, you f’n rock!

When the time came to lay out all these beauties before me I felt overwhelmed … the decision was too big … I phoned Kerry King, no luck. Dave Mustaine? … at bible study. Then tried & failed to track down the elvin demon king himself Ronnie James … he lives in the San Fernando Valley right??? Oh well …

So with nowhere to look but straight ahead I poured through. This time around it was REALLY tough … so tough that there are 3 winners!!! Yea well, what could I do? So congratulations to Cameron Davis, Extraneu and Dave Wolf all 3 of these talented artists captured the dark spirit of metal past, present and future … for those about to rock, we salute you!!!!

Cameron Davis


Dave Wolf

Check out the gallery of all entries below, I recommend seeing them all, please comment!!!


oh and by the way a side note to one of the March winners & our very own new ST artist Cameron Davis – your entry is above and beyond the most wanted Metal T-Shirt!!!! In my opinion anyway … 😀

Check out Cameron’s sketch video he recently created for ST, “the goddess of rock” … keep an eye out for her she may just end up being in a future edition of Guitar Hero …. you see Cameron has what I consider to be one of the coolest jobs around, the super talented Mr. Davis is the character designer for the Guitar Hero franchise … yes he made Slash … bitchin’ huh??

Stay tuned for the April contest …. stay evil.