x-massacre installment #1 with Apricot Mantle!

I decided it just wouldn’t be festive if Sketch Theatre didn’t present you with some holiday cheer! I asked a few talented souls if they would oblige in presenting us all with some themed sketches to get you in the mood for family fights, snow storms, and visions of hellfire dancing in your head…personally I was hoping for some sweet reindeer but my rule is carte blanche and my artists are thankfully gifted with minds quite twisted, they did not disappoint. Check in each day this week and you will be reminded why it is without a doubt the ‘most wonderful time of the year!’

first up…..Apricot Mantle creates a vision of Mrs. Clause and her dirty deeds, with a little Vandals tune to make it super sick!

Apricot Mantle 2009

Happy Holidays!