And the winner is, Luke K "Koppa" !

Sketch To Win Competition Banner

The January Sketch-to Win Competition was a big success!

With a theme like “Girls Girls Girls” there was a constant stream of divine females pouring into the ST inbox on a daily basis … but there could be only one & I think Luke (Koppa) nailed it! See Luke’s winning sketch for the Jan 08 Sketch-to-Win Competition below

Luke Kopycinski

It was a tough decision with so many cool entries, I couldn’t resist having an honorable mention category. Nathan Sisler and Sabyasachi Mistry both stepped up with some killer sketches, really nice work, thank you!.

Nathan Sisler
Nathan Sisler

Sabyasachi Mistry
Sabyasachi Mistry

To kill all curiosity (because I hate to stash the goods) here is a gallery of all qualified submissions for the January Contest. Take a look and see for yourself, post comments and let me know your top picks!.

Hope to see more submissions from you all for the next contest. I’ll be posting details on the February theme as soon as I think of it (LOL) which will hopefully be sooner than later as it’s already starting to drive me nuts…

feel free to kick me some ideas!