Myke Chilian 01

Artist: Myke Chilian  |  July 10, 2011  | 

a smashing debut from animator Myke Chilian, some may call this OCD, I call it dedication … make sure you watch this one all the way through it’s a modern masterpiece. Music from Baltimore’s dear Dan Deacon.

CS1553417-02A-BIG Dan Deacon


  1. Glenn Arthur

    This was way too much fun! Awesome!

  2. Apricot

    This is so awesome!

  3. Big Tasty

    This is INSANE…makes me miss you and want to come in for MORE!

  4. dikran

    hah that was fun i enjoy’d it ^^

  5. J.Schnepp

    Your book of birds is amazing!

  6. krakers

    Very orginall cipher. Birdphabet 🙂

  7. juliosan

    I was already impressed before the bird book, imagine after …

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