Miss Mindy and Buff Monster 01

Artist: Miss Mindy  |  August 31, 2010  | 

Dynamic duos … Poncho and Lefty, Harold and Maude, Peanut Butter and Jelly, Bonnie and Clyde …. Miss Mindy & Buff Monster! Music from Lafayette Louisiana’s sweet indie concoction Brass Bed, enjoy!

unnamed Brass Bed


  1. paulehr

    wow I love the ink work on that. What pens did you guys use?

  2. Miss Mindy

    Hey Paul– Thanks so much! I brought a bunch of “Tombo” brand pens. They have a great taper and a nice solid black…–plus some prismacolor and col-erase pencils. -mm

  3. paulehr

    Thanks for the reply! I’ll have to check them out after I use up my PITT brush pens

  4. Apricot

    Very cool you guys. It was fun to see you collaborate! I can see you doing a painting of something from this.

  5. jmalave

    I’m really digging these collaborations that’ve been getting put up lately and this one is no exception. Fantastic, bubbly, dreamlike, and just plain fun 😛

  6. Anne T.

    Miss Mindy and a Monster…what a fun discovery at mdnight on a Monday night….
    I knew you could draw well, just didn’t know at what speed!

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