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Artist: Miss Mindy  |  February 22, 2010  | 

Miss Mindy makes her ST debut with a splash and a ditty from Wreckless Eric!

wreckless_messf Wreckless Eric


  1. diane laskin

    I’m just sitting here watching this, smiling from ear to ear.

  2. Chris

    oh, be still my beating heart, ADORABLE! Such lovely lovely strokes you make. And great music pick too.

  3. sa

    Oh, you make it look so easy. Amazing, simply amazing.

  4. dawn

    wow, just breathtaking! so cool to see the process–from blank page to beautiful creation!!

  5. Miss Mindy

    Thank you so much my pretties! —and Wreckless Eric………yess! He makes me happy, dressed like that. -mm

  6. TheRichAnt

    I love your whole concept and website! How cleva’ and your sketch was amazing.

  7. ideo

    Original and great color !

  8. Horror Mama

    Some of your artwork is being incorporated in my mark ryden sleeve. its beautiful. + wreckless eric! … im pretty sure thats a win. haha

  9. Miss Mindy

    very cool… you mean, as in tattoo sleeve?wooooo… I’d love a picture when you’re all inked up!

  10. SERPO

    This is an AWESOME piece,thanx for sharing!

  11. S Fisher Williams

    Absolutely love this piece, and watching it being created is inspiring!

  12. Miss Mindy

    Thanks everyone for the kind feedback—It was kinda bizarre having a camera over my head!

  13. Alana

    Wonderful….my daughter loves your art…she copies your pieces and is so talented….I’ve encouraged her to pursue drawing, painting etc..in school but she said she’s concerned with were she will be able to make money with it. Any feed back? p.s. we’ll be going to the studio in Culver City soon…

  14. Miss Mindy

    Hey Alana.. I’m so happy your daughter likes my art. Tell her thank you for me! I’d be happy to chat about ‘artland’- why don’t you drop me a line through my website email -click contact– :)mm

  15. Thea

    It was so much fun to watch your hands at work on this great piece!! I love it that the fish head is her hat…and I love the touches you add, from the candy-red stripes to the mini-fish and wrapped candy floating around. I wonder if the fish hat is going to eat the candy before she does. She looks concerned.

  16. Corrine

    I love this piece! I would especially love to get a tattoo of it! However, before I do I would like to ask your permission. Would you mind if I got a tattoo of your masterpiece?

  17. Miss Mindy

    Hey Corrine! If you get a Tattoo–alls I ask is for a photo!!
    I’d love to see this on skin—-wow. Thank you so much for wanting to place it on your sweet self! much love- mm

    ps- you can email me through my website.. missmindy.com !

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