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Artist: Mike Corriero  |  May 4, 2011  | 

Welcome Mike Corriero in his debut sketch video! Location could not stand between his joining the family here, shot at his own home studio in New Jersey, USA.  I look forward to seeing more sketches in the future.. music from Austin’s finest instrumentalists Explosions In The Sky!

explosions-in-the-sky-travels-in-constants-vol-21-the-rescue Explosions In The Sky


  1. Heriberto Martinez

    good job Mike 🙂

  2. dan harding

    That’s bad ass Mike!

  3. Conny

    awesome sketch.
    I wish the quality was better 🙁

  4. Mike Corriero

    Conny – yea.. I apoligize – first time newb to recording with a DVR Cam and traditional.. I’ll try for better contrast/lighting and detail next time.
    Dan & Heriberto – thanks guys

  5. Alex Alvarez

    very cool Mike… thanks for sharing!!

  6. Mike Corriero

    Alex – thanks a lot man, I appreciate the warm welcome too 🙂

  7. -Idojima-

    Awesome work.

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