1. Luke Chueh


  2. Darlene

    I love Jager too
    I saw you on LA Ink, and I was wondering how much you charge for an art lesson?


    Hey Darlene…
    Patron and Makers Mark are pretty tasty too !

    Have two workshops coming up soon. one in Dec. here in Pasadena and the other in Seattle in Jan.
    check my site or Myspace page for details ok.

  4. pieter

    amazing. i love this site.


    absolutely gorgeous technique, succulent and mystic….a feast for the eyes and mind

  6. […] you haven’t seen the video of Michael drawing this piece, you can check it out here. It’s great being able to see artists at […]

  7. Sara

    Michael never disappoints! A certain tone of evil-icious! Feed me more!

  8. D. Hill

    Slurry… ebay… go now!!

  9. Ed Finley

    NICE!! I wish I could afford to purchase one of Mr. Hussar’s originals

  10. Michael Olszak

    love the style dude. awesome work!

  11. Comissar

    Its fantastic mr Hussar! I’m from Russia and i want to say that in my country we know you. And me i like your style.I wish you luck in your work!

  12. francesco

    hi michael you’re always my favorite..ever
    see u on myspace.

  13. DEANIE


  14. ophelia

    your work is beautiful! thank you so much.

  15. Nicole

    Your work is amazing, its although nothing goes into it and you finnish by leaving your blood and sweat in the art work
    congrats, your a fine artist.

  16. Gina

    Great stuff… I saw your work at The Land of Retinal Delights and I’m hooked. Also I think it’s really hilarious how you hold your cigarette while you’re sketching, and every so often that hand disappears for a puff. Hee!

  17. big john73


  18. shardana

    impressive work dude..wish i could use pencils like that!! 🙂 keep rocking!

  19. Jessica Alexandria

    You should most definitely post up some new sketches on here. You’re my favorite artist and most influential. I’ve watched these two videos repeatedly and I’m in dire need of more sketch videos.

  20. Samuel

    This is beautiful, sir. The stress of a daring, blank piece of paper must be a mere itch to you.

  21. Genevieve

    I really wish to have a Hussar print or original to hang in my home, any idea where I can purchase one without the hassle of Ebay? I LOVE your work Michael, I can honestly say that of every painting I’ve ever bought or considered buying, yours are the only ones that interest me and I’d throw the rest in the garbage simply for ONE print of yours! Amazing work, please keep it up!

  22. Chelsea Ryan

    i love the work hope i get to see it soon

  23. Viktoria Lennox

    Hussar, you are amazing.

  24. a simple goddess

    simply beautifull and delightfully freaky!

  25. myra

    Freakishly lovely. Looking forward to my drawing

  26. Frankie

    for Genevieve… http://www.shop.birdbathpublishing.com is the official source for authentic Limited Edition Prints of Michael Hussar’s original artwork. 😉

  27. emmil

    Hello michael your work is incredible I have many feelings met many of your works we wait for ours prompt possible mas in the city of mexico

  28. Desy

    *the most brilliant!!!!!!

  29. xtina

    one of my favorite artists…. never ceases to amaze!!!

  30. Sara

    Just recently got Daddy’s Girl tattooed on my ribs/side. Just wanted to drop by and tell you that you’re a huge inspiration! Hope you one day do a seminar in Florida!

  31. Ale Kanto

    hi there mr hussar, awesome sketch! wonderfull ,but you alredy know that,isn’t it?:D maybe some day you want to go on vacations on mexico,more exactly to merida XD so you can bring your paintings and show your work, everyone wold be like o.o mezmerized by the autenticity of your work . because you know? is kinda boring and frustrating to watch your paintings on a screen…..remember hussar! the merida that is in mexico No in sapin or belize….in mexico hahaha ok,seeya! once again awesome work!.

  32. Useless

    I love you Mike,
    I wish I could find out more information about you, I would love to know everything about you
    Age started painting, age now, etc, I’m craving more from you,

  33. Matthew


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