Three awesome talents come together on this installment, Michael Hussar, Steven Daily & Bauhaus!

bauhaus-in-the-flat-field-cd Bauhaus


  1. Aimee Kuester


  2. Apricot

    This is pretty splendid I must say. Bravo boys.

  3. Melisa

    When your drawing do you know what the picture will turn out to be or do you just start off with some shading and build off from there?

  4. Sean Stewart


  5. Steven

    This was an awesome night, I got to draw with one of my art hero’s.
    thanks lily and Mike.

  6. Useless

    Extremely inspiring yet even more saddening.
    I will never be half the artist you are Hussar.

  7. ZombieChapstick

    is that whiteout he’s using for highlights?

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