Marshall Vandruff 01

Artist: Marshall Vanderuff  |  June 28, 2010  | 

Stay tuned for Marshall Vandruff 01 … it’s coming soon!


  1. Philiph

    …I really want to see Marshall get down…

  2. Esculapio

  3. Chabon

    … …

  4. Nguyen

    I am a bit confused. I really don’t mean to be offensive, but I am curious about how these videos are uploaded. I see that the sketches are done before the videos are uploaded and are shown in the thumbnails of the videos, which I assume means that the videos are already done, but why aren’t they uploaded sooner and why are the sketches themselves uploaded at a different time from the videos. I am in no way complaining, there is no way I could complain reasonably about this site. I am excited about seeing this video. I love the sketch. Cheers!

  5. Lily Feliciano

    the thumbnail you see is of the sketch yes, the video of that sketch being created is not done yet because Marshall has a very specific piece of music in mind for it that isn’t finished, when it is he will send it to me. I did however want to secure his place on the site as he is a great talent so when the video is edited and ready to be uploaded it will be placed at the top of the homepage and hopefully more to follow. Thanks for the inquiry!

  6. Nguyen

    Cool; so all of the artists decide on the music to play during their videos?

  7. Jack

    Lily, thanks for explaining that. I was really curious as to what had happened to this video, especially with so many having been posted since. I have Marshall’s DVD, and have been looking forward to seeing this video, so now I’m really stoked to see what he serves up.

  8. Lily Feliciano

    Often, I’d say I select 70% of the music while editing, but some artists have a preference for a particular band or song. In this case Marshall has something specific in mind, so we’ll see what will transpire 🙂

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