Marc Gabbana 02

Artist: Marc Gabbana  |  July 7, 2010  | 

Holy Sh*t!! Marc Gabbana’s impressive second sketch installment, nothing short of a jaw dropper, Gigantor is right! Enjoy it, with the classic Dickies tune.

dickiesThe Dickies


  1. Juan LA

    Awesome piece!! Just a brilliant work…

  2. ellis in culver city

    That kicked ass. I like the pencil tub at the end. Very impressive how he moved from section to section, finishing as he went. Vs rough here, rough there, finish part of it. Very methodical and a great creature design.

  3. ellis in culver city

    pencil “stub”

  4. Lily Feliciano

    that sketch was one hour in real time, pencil was a definite stub at the end! Amazing work.

  5. SERPO

    Yeah, that’s bad ass!!!!!

  6. steve

    Holy mole! That’s great!

  7. RGIII

    creativity explodes onto the page and into my face..GREAT work, Marc!!

  8. Sunil

    Great sketch mark…. all in a day’s work,I’m sure! 🙂 your the best!!!

  9. Sean Stewart

    you crazy s.o.b.

  10. Groovespook

    I wish I had a better way of describing what I just witnessed but I do not.


  11. bubbabro

    That’s some crazy kick ass sketching… like woah!

  12. Jessica Ward


  13. tylerwoo

    Great sketch.

  14. D3KA 183

    anyone know what kind of pencil he uses

    love the darkness of it …

  15. Marc Gabbana

    Thanks everyone, I had fun sketching this 🙂
    I drew this sketch, first lightly with a .7mm Pentel lead holder using blue lead and then with a black Prismacolor pencil on Hammermill color copy paper – my favorite surface to draw on.
    To learn more about how I draw, check out my newest Gnomon DVDs:

  16. zakir khan

    hi sir i am zakir khan a student i believe on just art ,fuck of softwere so i see you all sketch work witch are so good
    please have a look at my some bad work i hope you like that

    i shall always be great for that

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