Joe Benitez 02

Artist: Joe Benitez  |  December 15, 2010  | 

Check out Joe Benitez in his second installment, awesome marker work with a soundtrack from LA’s Mini Mansions!

mini9f87 Mini Mansions


  1. Ash Schultz

    Lady Mechanika. Very cool Joe, very cool!

  2. Paul

    Nice, like the fast pace.

  3. -Idojima-

    Wow very nice.

  4. Mistah JulezArt

    yeah metal gear style!!! its really fresh man!!

  5. J.F. Ross

    Fantastic attitude in a fast sketch. love it.

  6. k.v. khai

    too much AWESOMENESS to contain myself … one of my fav genre styles!

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