Jessica Ward 02

Artist: Jessica Ward  |  January 7, 2010  | 

a haunting second installment from artist Jessica Ward with the music of Midnight Movies!

B0006ZRWZA.02.LZZZZZZZ Midnight Movies


  1. Apricot

    I love how the legs are just hanging on by a thread. There is always so much meaning in your work babe. I married the most talented girl in the world. Keep em comin!

  2. jaimearias

    Really cool, great work.. cool video…

  3. Rob Shawver

    Love the hair. It makes this sketch, in my opinion.

  4. The Passenger

    Fantastic…I really would like you could join to my next book!

  5. mercury

    wow i love how she is wearing a mask and her one eye is exposed. your so talented! <3

  6. Larkin

    excellent work- great to see you in action!

  7. Jessica Ward

    Thanks for watching!

  8. k.v. khai

    simply AWESOME!

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