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Artist: Jessica Ward  |  November 18, 2009  | 

Jessica Ward has arrived with a debut sketch video and music from Band of Skulls!

band-of-skulls-i-know-what-i-amBand of Skulls


  1. Apricot Mantle

    Woo HOO! This character rocks, and the music goes very well with the mood of the piece.
    Right on!

  2. D. Turnipseed

    Fantastic! Wonderfully done.

  3. Andi Marie

    Rock the f*ck on!!! You’re awesome 🙂

  4. Gna+

    any ideas on why she put the piece of paper over the face while shading the body?

  5. Gna+

    oh nvm i think i figured it out!

  6. Großer Vati

    fantastische Gestaltungsarbeit!

  7. Jessica Ward

    I put the piece of paper over the drawing so I wouldn’t smudge it.

  8. Zdrum

    Great technique!!

  9. Graveshow

    Love it! Thanks for sharing with us! Can’t wait to see more of your work

  10. Mark

    Dope. Dope dope. More, please.

  11. Jessica Ward

    Thank you for the comments, I really appreciate it.

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