Check out this promo ST has produced for LA artist Steven Daily’s upcoming solo exhibition Covenant…. not to be missed on Jan 7 2011 @ La Luz De Jesus in Hollywood, CA.

Artists Statement:
In my formative years, my parent’s moved from Southern California to the Midwest Eastern-Southern-Block of America.

During this time I was exposed to a world of Shriner Parades, Freemason Lodges, all things traditional and secret. Things talked about behind closed doors

For the past ten years I have been researching these societies of secrets, conspiracies on the global elite, One-World Government, ritual-based orders, a…nd theories around these ancient fraternities.

These clandestine orders formed the foundation for our country and even today hold the most powerful positions in our government.

I found the imagery, iconic symbology, & secret rituals irresistibly striking and fascinating that a country that was supposed to be founded on the Hebrew God was founded by men who performed ancient rituals behind closed doors.

This is my interpretation of the mystique, rumors, fats, research and theories based on the cloaked oaths and pacts that man makes with the mystic and odd…

Dust off your aluminum hats and join us, wont you?



  1. Lintu

    I would like to show but I live in Europe

  2. Bridge

    Beautiful imagery, it’s truly a shame I can’t attend. Is there any chance of a link to the music used in the trailer? I find it intoxicating.

  3. Lily Feliciano

    Hi Bridge, the song is called “Gloomy Sunday” by Hungarian composer Reszo Seress

  4. Bridge

    Many thanks. Not just for the prompt and useful response, but for this wonderful site. 🙂

  5. Lily Feliciano

    thanks for supporting! 🙂

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