1. Yahya Ehsan

    love your work, very inspiring answers and true as well.

  2. HolyMane

    his work is just…epic!! awesome stuff , gotta draw now!!

  3. arturo

    I believe you have just set my life goal my friend 😀 thanks
    Most of the info helped me…..time to get my pen and paper!

  4. Dor Shahar

    Hello there, I’m from Israel too 😀
    the fact that there is some one else from Israel that moved to the US to live his dream is really inspiring!
    I’ve noticed that there are several drawings of human figures in the interview that looks like Gil draw them in the computer..
    is there any good computer software for drawing that someone can recommened about?
    doesn’t matter wether it costs money or it is free.

    thanks a lot ! 🙂

  5. gil rimmer

    jesus..I sound like a total nerd!
    At least I’m true to who I was at the time…ahhh…I was young 🙂

    Thanx for all the great comments everyone and sorry for the late reply, just saw this!



  6. Conny

    I really love this interview. It’s awesome.
    I just wish the sound wasn’t so weird, there’s cracking and pops everywhere. Kinda gives me a headache.

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