Gil Rimmer 02

Artist: Gil Rimmer  |  November 9, 2009  | 

Second installment from Gil Rimmer, sounds from Tape Deck Mountain

Tape+Deck+Mountain+Ghost Tape Deck Mountain


  1. steven Daily

    I really like your stuff a lot!

  2. sara

    I love the way you draw . and that thing you do with the paintbrush really makes it look like a painting,
    great work

  3. gil rimmer

    Thanx steven!
    sara, I give credit to my amazing teachers. this technique is a lot of fun it’s very close to sculpting IMO, figuring out planes and values. glad you like it:)

  4. Conny

    Amazing technique, it looks (like you say) very close to sculpting. It’s very smooth and dusty too and I really like that.

  5. John Nord

    Fascinating work.

  6. Martin

    That’s a really cool technique … and as the others said it’s really a mix between drawing and sculpting. And it’s a nice character too. Just one question: is the brush dry or wet?
    Please make a third one!

  7. gil rimmer

    thanx again for the kind words everyone!

    Martin, the brush is dry and the medium is vine charcoal. paper is velum but a quality sketch paper works as well:)

  8. gil rimmer

    there’s a few more of these…i’m positive they’ll be up soon enough 😉

  9. Martin

    Thanks for the insight Gil. Good to see there are more for us Rimmer-fans!

  10. manoj a menon

    real mind blowing demonstration gil..thanx a ton for sharing..
    would you mind sharing a bit about the materials..
    never had a chance to attend an art school…
    how do you smudge the surface with ..what? ( pardon me if they are so obvious.. i’ve never seen this technique before).

    pls do let know .


  11. Lisa T

    Love this. Interesting technique-that was new to me. Thanks for sharing!

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