Gil Rimmer 01

Artist: Gil Rimmer  |  October 21, 2009  | 

Debut sketch video from artist Gil Rimmer with the awesome sounds of the ‘other’ amazing band from the land of Liverpool … Clinic!

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  1. axel

    I dig it!

  2. Yahya Ehsan

    I have been a huge fan of your work, been enjoying it for a while on different forums, This was really a fun to watch, I liked your control over subtraction technique.

  3. Conny

    Very refreshing sketch there. Keep the creativity pumpin’!

  4. Yati

    Very nice sketch Gil !! Love your tonal treatment very much ! Got the mood and ambiance , and energy .

  5. Mr_Skyfish

    Awesome work bud!

  6. Alexis Thibault

    I like the idea to withdraw values instead of adding it. And nice work!

  7. gil rimmer

    thanks for the great comments!
    this was a lot of fun to do!!

  8. Lisa T

    Dynamic technique,I really enjoy the play between the negative space and the figure. Love to watch the creation process. Thanks!

  9. Shaun

    I can dig it!

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