Dick Cherry 01

Artist: Dick Cherry  |  May 19, 2010  | 

A debut sketch from artist Dick Cherry .. See Dick. See Dick Sketch. Sketch Dick Sketch! … to the Cramps.

Front-86 The Cramps


  1. Sparky

    Wow, Can’t say How awesome Dick Cherry is he has done some much work for me… this video is so freakin awesome… I had the chance to watch him sketch at Monsterpalooza this year it was way Kool!!!! Keep up the great work Dick!!!! hope to see you soon!!!!!

  2. Jessica Ward

    ooo I’m digging the blue, love the retro mummy!

  3. Tyler Woo

    Simple and to the point. Well done.

  4. basti

    this can in no way compete with the illustrations you guys at sketch theatre have uploaded from hussar and co

    sry for the guys digging it , but this is elementary school level

    theres is neither a creative basic idea , nor a convincing drawing skill

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