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Artist: David Igo  |  April 29, 2011  | 

Welcome David Igo to ST! His debut is filled with head and explicit language, fair warning… perhaps we’ll clean it up a bit for his next, perhaps not …music from Get Set Go!

180px-Get_Set_Go_-_Ordinary_WorldGet Set Go


  1. Diko

    it’s look really nice with alot of detalis …. but i wish i could know what it is .. can u tell me that :$ ?

  2. Ronbo

    Detail or no, if you can’t tell what it is, it isn’t worth asking. Start from the level of maturity exhibited, and guess the answer. If your answer is tedious, offensive and banal, I figure you’re pretty much there.

  3. jmalave

    I’ll take one in red, thank you.

  4. cahobbit

    Ronbo – Can you clarify? This piece is above average.

  5. Murphy

    I think Ronbo’s jealous.

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