Dave Pressler 01

Artist: Dave Pressler  |  November 18, 2010  | 

Welcome Dave Pressler,  a busy man in the art and animation world but he made some time for ST (I didn’t even have to twist his arm!) swell guy. This first installment is accompanied by a track from Ottawa, Canada’s The White Wires doing a little twist on some vintage Brian Wilson and Mike Love.

inwwdex The White Wires


  1. Apricot

    Holy Sweet Happy Angry Blimp…I love it!

  2. SERPO

    Yeah, I like it!

  3. The Chung!!

    hahah you and your damn altoids. nice sketch man!

  4. robbieleopardi

    this is fantastic!- i love the simplistic use of lines to create this light yet possibly sybolic peice of art.

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