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Artist: Chuk Wojtkiewicz  |  August 9, 2010  | 

Positively thrilled to bring you a debut from such an awesome artist, Chuk Wojtkiewicz (that’s voit-KEV-itch) for those who are paying attention and I do adore those of you who do! Paired him up with a fun quartet from down south Lafayette, Louisiana’s Brass Bed. Welcome Chuk W! 🙂

brass-bed Brass Bed


  1. peter

    chuck, you rock! amazing stuff as always

  2. Brian Whitmire

    you talented, talented man : ). Kudos Chuck!

  3. Steven Caron

    very metal slug like! love it!

  4. Sze Jones

    So cool!!! 😀

  5. Kenny

    Can anyone tell me what those toned markers he’s using are?

  6. Riley

    so much going on in this one…incredible!!

  7. Jessica Ward

    Love the value structures here.

  8. Nicolas Collings

    really cool ! 🙂

  9. Ismael

    muito bom isso, (Y)

  10. matthew henderson

    jesus i love blur, every artist in that studio are brilliant

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