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Artist: Chris Ryniak  |  August 11, 2010  | 

It was great fun to catch up with Chris Ryniak again at San Diego Comic-Con this year! It was tough to see his fine lead on the toned paper, so I’ve posted the full sketch here so you can see it as I know it’s tough in the video! Awesome little sketch! Music from Los Angeles songwriter, Vincent Minor.

4067121105-1 Vincent Minor


  1. S Fisher Williams

    Right on! Good to see another sketch and the music choice couldn’t have fit any better. Kudos!

  2. Jessica Ward


  3. The Chung

    WTFUCK CHRIS!!?? Way to draw on a lunch bag with microscopic lead. you’re lucky this is actually a badass sketch, otherwise i’d punch you right in the dick

  4. Lily Feliciano

    @ Chung – LOL!!!

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