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Artist: Charles Chiodo  |  July 2, 2011  | 

Such a treat to bring you the immensely influential Charles Chiodo in his ST debut, clowns are evil, we have proof! Music from the legendary and always cool Iggy and the Stooges.

20100530155109!StoogesRawPower Iggy and the Stooges


  1. tiago

    Hey Charles ! you rock man , Wtf that colors are just awesome and badass concept. congrats thank you.

  2. Charlie Chiodo

    Thanks, this was a blast. Sorry the color is off on the vid, but you get a good idea of the flow. Will be doing more.

  3. Julio Bahamonde C.

    This one was just eye candy man, i love Chiodo Bros work, a big fan of Killer Klowns from outer space. I am planing to do a piece inspired by the film, a hint, come doggieeeee. ;).

  4. Bob

    I finally got here Charles…Very cool fast motion! Just imagine if you could paint that fast for real.

  5. Charlie Chiodo

    They slowed mine down.

  6. Eric Carl

    Love it! This is great.

  7. Dayne

    Charlie! Good to see you on here man… that piece rocks!

  8. John Mahoney

    Awesome drawing Charlie!!!

  9. Chris Mirro

    Awesome blur of mediums! huge fan of your work

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