Cameron Davis 01

Artist: Cameron Davis  |  April 3, 2008  | 

Cameron Davis Sketch 01



  1. alexx petrie

    love the new sketch, totally rad.
    make me into a guitar hero character haha, just kidding.

  2. Katie

    I love sketch 3! That one is defiantly my favorite out of the 3. I also really love the egg paintings you have. Eggward Scissorhands is currently my background.
    I love Eggs Benedict the most though. Great art!

  3. Julia

    I love sketch 3.!…….. does anyone know the name of the song.

  4. WERK

    the yolker sketch is ill! keep the drawings coming man!

  5. Helltroll

    Awesome execution, cool idea too!

    The song is “One by One” off the Sons of Northern Darkness album

  6. HolyMane

    this guy totally rocks!!
    and its cool as he is just like me, he can’t work whit paper on just one angle, he turns it around everytime xD

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