Cameron Davis 05

Artist: Cameron Davis  |  September 26, 2009  | 

Cameron Davis in his fifth installment for our camera, if you haven’t seen his other four check those out too, the master of surprises and a versatile man! This sketch demands heavy, and classic Killing Joke delivers.

Killing+Joke+-+Killing+Joke+frontKilling Joke


  1. Simon

    Awesome! Great work.

  2. Mateus

    strange the way he drew her right leg but it still looks awesome!!!

  3. Eric Carl

    Killing Joke FTW!

    Oh yeah, and Cameron Davis.

  4. aneweira

    I love this video, I think that the way he starts the drawing is kinda un orthodox, but i enjoy seeing it come together.

  5. Mr_Skyfish

    Love this, awesome work!

  6. Neville

    Love it Cameron. The way he drew her right leg is perfectly orthodox:)

  7. Chris

    this looks a little like me 😉

  8. Aimee Kuester

    I love the playful yet convincing proportions.. nice shading 🙂

  9. k.v. khai


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