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Artist: Brian Whitmire  |  November 9, 2010  | 

Welcome back Brian Whitmire in his triumphant second installment! Music from Puscifer.

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  1. Sven

    I like….cool little critter/dragon thingamy. 😀 Great track to accompany the sketch too. Nice work Brian.

  2. Juan LA

    Nice! Good job man!

  3. fran

    love the edges of the paper…..and the creature
    and the music

  4. Brian Whitmire

    Thanks guys and gal, so glad you like this lil fella. I’ve dubbed him Snappy!

  5. paulehr

    I love the coloring you did on this guy, awesome job!

  6. Brian Whitmire

    Thank you, color is sort of an unexplored area for me so it was fun to do it live!

  7. Sara F.E.

    Awesome drawing, I’m really delighted with that creature!

  8. jmalave

    Really diggin’ on this one, sir. Gotta say, I’m fast becoming a fan of yours and feel quite inspired by this one. Thanks be to you and Snappy!

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