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Artist: Brian Whitmire  |  July 31, 2010  | 

Brian Whitmire makes a dashing debut here on ST!  Along with his killer pencil skills he brought a track from Atlanta born hardcore band Norma Jean, turn it up!

NORMA-JEAN-CDTND(WW)63560 Norma Jean


  1. Riley

    oh yeah, nice work!!

  2. Betty

    WOW! Can I have your autograph?

  3. SERPO

    Fuck Yeah! And Norma jean, another Fuck Yeah. Awesome piece, man!


    I will send you my rent money for that sketch! Hells yeah!

  5. Jessica Ward


  6. krash

    very cool timelapse…
    you are making it look easy (and we know its not !)

  7. lambone

    Inspiring, awesome

  8. Sean Stewart


  9. Sze Jones

    Cool beans!!!

  10. mao_junior

    great vid and outstanding site…bookmarked you guys..thnx

  11. K man

    Art was awesome.Music was awesome. 😀

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