Brian Smith 04

Artist: Brian Smith  |  April 28, 2011  | 

Brian Smith is here to blow your mind in installment 04, with a track from the classic God Luck and Godspeed’s album from North Carolina’s Weedeater!

Weedeater_-_God_Luck_And_Good_Speed-CD Weedeater


  1. riley

    weedeater?!hehehe?!!! great awesomenessness!!!

  2. tiago

    Mind blowing sketch..beautyfull scriblle texture…nice work brian..

  3. DR Hill

    Awesome, great to see you work! Actually, coming out of the Brian Smith “work camp” and do this again!!!!

  4. mungo

    I love watching people laying it out in ball-point. Nice work.

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