Brilliant debut from powerhouse artist team Kathie Olivas and Brandt Peters. Really cool to watch them both bring such a beautiful sketch to life. Music from The Peculiar Pretzelmen!

canvasThe Peculiar Pretzelmen


  1. Joe

    That has got to be my favorite yet! Awesome!

  2. rhiannon

    Incredible! Thanks for sharing <3

  3. j alvarez

    Keeps getting better, incredible what you do!

  4. Brandt Peters

    Fantastic job Sketch Theater! Honored!!! — B&K

  5. paulehr

    Brandt and Kathie awesome job! I really dig your style, do you guys have any portfolios online of your work?

  6. The Chung

    you guys kick so much ass all the time it’s stupid. STUPID!! but i love you both anyways 🙂

  7. Brandt Peters

    Thanks Chung! We miss you guys…

    Oh yeah for my website — click on my name in the thread… for Kathie’s:

  8. S Fisher Williams

    Right @%*$ing On!!! I’ve been waiting to see a sketch by the duo here. I will be happy the rest of the week….and three days……and an hour and a half.

  9. paulehr

    thanks for the links Brandt!

    I checked out your stuff and man you have some tight artwork. I really love that style your doing!

  10. Jessica Ward

    That’s bad ass!

  11. Miss Mindy

    Very cool! Great to see you up on Sketch Theatre guys! -mm

  12. Shandale

    I am in the works of getting this sketch tattooed on my arm… Its in color tho, its looking awesome, I cant wait until its completed..

  13. Shandale

    does anyone know the names of these sketch characters??? or the name of the scene?? I have been lookin all over for some kind of info on this sketch.. please send me some info at Shandale Rhodes please and thanks

  14. Frank Strunk III

    You two are so damn good. I tell people that I know you and they don’t believe me. Awesome film. Awesome to see it happen.

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