Bayard Baudoin 03

Artist: Bayard Baudoin  |  January 9, 2010  | 

Bayard creates a bizarre creature sure to amuse in his third sketch video installment, music from New Jersey group The Delfields.

l_532239bb3c8945c0afabb83a760dab48 The Delfields


  1. matt

    SO amazing! I love all of these video!

  2. Sean Stewart

    Wow…that was beautiful. love the imagination.

  3. Kenny

    Wow Bayard. I had to watch all your sketches after seeing this one. Creepy, backed up by great technique.

  4. Elle

    i like the technique and the style but i dont get the meaning of that sketch can someone plz explain to me?

  5. Caerphilly

    Creepy is right! But creative, and I love the shading!

  6. Gis

    sweet, am loving this site, l feel so at home lol,
    Elle, meaning is what it is, you are what you is and thats all there is, just enjoy eh?

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