Baby Tattooville Art Jam 2011

Artist: Baby Tattooville  |  October 18, 2011  | 

This video was created during the weekend of October 7-9 2011 at the Mission Inn Hotel, Riverside Ca. during the Baby Tattooville annual art gathering. Participating artists
Miss Mindy, Luke Chueh, Johnny KMNDZ Rodriguez, Michael Hussar, Frank Kozik, Jeff Soto, Gris Grimly, Tara McPherson, Molly Crabapple, Coop, Travis Louie, Elizabeth McGrath, James Gurney, Shag, Bob Dob, Lola, Brandi Milne, Johnny Ryan, Amy Sol, KRK Ryden, Ron English, Bill Stout, YoskayYamamoto, Tim Biskup, Gary Baseman, Ana Bagayan, Brandon Ragnar, Buff Monster, Anthony Avsgang, and Van Arno.

Shot and Directed by Lily Feliciano
Camera Assistant Misaki Sawada
Edited by Lily Feliciano
Music by The Strokes


  1. jmalave

    My face. You have all collectively melted my face and I loved every nanosecond of it. This is beyond cool/inspirational. Thanks to the artists, Sketchtheatre crew, and everyone involved for making it happen! 😀


    The skeleton hand Gris painted on the little girls left hand should not have been painted over!

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