Axel "13" 01

Artist: Axel 13  |  December 27, 2008  | 

debut video, I’d like to introduce you to Axel!featuring music from:

fuckbuttonsFuck Buttons


  1. Bob

    I love the energy and emotion in your line work!

  2. Maxine Lu

    Axel 13’s drawings are amazing! I love Sketch Theatre because I can actually watch his process. Of the 3 drawings, Sketch 2 is my favorite. It blows me away.

  3. alen

    Great work I like to see more of your stuff and possible have you see some of mine. Im a character sculpter as well

  4. xbpurcfs gbocn

    djsbnfclg djngisxc szdjbt vgdeo erlxiyb hzbwyjorq mlad

  5. organicoman

    Hey, amazing works.
    What do you use as pencils.
    i saw switch between (i think) a Steadler bleu and Black Pencil right?.
    any way your works are Awesome 🙂

  6. bhalchandra

    what a great work sir.

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