I'm Tony and as you see I'm here right now! I'm a hobby artist at present BUT I hope it change as soon as possible. Somethin' about me: I got a new graphic tablet it's a Intuos 5 touch and I LOVE it. It's explicitly better than my old Bamboo one. Well information about my skills: I always like to improve my skills both English and drawing! HAHA Great I draw digital since only 5 months and I must say at first I didn't tought how enormous this Digital Art is. It's amazing you pull up your pen, a fleeting glance at that purce black surface of your Tablet and after the first stroke you're standing at a entire new World with Monsters, fairy-tale creatures, bud guys and heroes around you. The worst thing is: you can't stand a whole day at this new World But it's not so bad 'cause the anticipation is huge if you sitting for your PC/Mac again and holding your Grip Pen in your fingers. You also have to know: I'll give one's eye teeth for an job/internship at the design industry (Germany or whatever country it is!!!) So I'm also searching for some freelance/volunteer work, for opportunities to show my art or an internship at Germany or foreign countries. Let me know if you have some tips, experience et cetera, thx. please check out:

Sketches by T-Eight