As self taught San Antonio, Tx native, Marco has established quite a resume of art work. From his earlier original style called Living Dead Art which contained alot of Dia De Los Muertos art as well as Zombie Pin ups. He has since found his passion in an art style developed like no other which he calls Till The End Art. This style speaks volumes with colors and his own Trademark Characters., Baby J and Lil D. It showcases how Good vs. Evil has been since the beginning of time and will go on "Till The End". He depicts them in situations more comical to express the persuit of good overcoming evil in the end. He has layed them out as an introduction to this realm which people of all ages will be able to comprehend, poke fun, enjoy as well as appreciate. His Goal is to make religion acceptable and more dicussed and to be seen as a beautiful thing and allow people to make their own judgements, rather then being pushed on them. However you take his messages, there is no denying his creativity as well as usage of colors. It truly is something of beaut

Sketches by marcogarcia11